Wednesday, July 19, 2006


About group work.

I often did group works and pair works when I was a junior high school student, and did a pair works in high school.
In junior high school, I remember doing them mainly when students practice reading a textbook. In high school, students did a pair work when we check the easy words tests each other.
I think that group works and pair works were sometimes going wrong because students often do them with same people. So some students get into a rut or chat during them. And when the group (pair) is not good friends or is good friends besides one person, the system is not going well because we don't try to say our opinion to the other members.
Therefore, it is important for students to change the group and pairs sometimes. I also think that teachers have to find the suitable ways to students do the group works and pair works. Through this, the works are going well and students can enjoy studying English, I think.

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