Sunday, June 25, 2006


To a teacher trainee.

Last Thursday, an English teacher (Mr.M) from junior high school in Morioka came to our class, and I learned very important and necessity things. I would like to tell you about the informations in my blog. Please read them, and let's discuss about informations!

1. Making climax or showing a point in every lesson is very important. Giving changes to lesson is necessary and helpful to have students enjoy studying English when you teach English.
2. Praising students concretely is important. For example, "your pronunciation ""---th"" is like foreigner!" There are many way to praise students! (Not only "GOOD!" and "EXCELLENT!") Surely, I'm motivated by pointing my study's good point. I think that this point affects the student's motivation very much.
3. Don't say "Please speak to me!" when you introduce yourself. You should not wait for approch from the students! You should try to speak to the students, and communicate with the students!!

I think that we (teacher trainee) have to have a honest attitude. Everyone don't expect that we will teach perfectly. So we need not to be afraid of mistakes,and let's try our best with smile!

Thank you.

hi! im an ALT teaching in junior high schools in Iwate. i enjoyed reading your ideas. i hope when you begin teaching remember these ideas and give them a try! many JTE's are afraid to try new teaching styles and activities, so the students are bored and dislike English class. make your class fun and the students will be successful!
Hi, I am also an ALT in Iwate, I think your point of praising students is a good point. Sometimes I think trying to say something is better than not saying anything at all in English!
Hello,Ms.anne. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm very happy. I worry that the students will be bored with my class. But, I want to teach in a clear voice for attracting the students to English. Thank you very much!
Hello, nichola. I'm glad that you commented on my blog. I think that praising students is very difficult because I will care only about contents of my lesson when I teach students something. But I well know that being praised is very happy and motivate. So I want to try to praise students in many ways! Thank you.
Hello, I'm happy days. I think that's right. It is very important to praise children, plus the main point is that we praise them concretely as you said. By that, they will be motivated and enjoy English, I think. And then It is necessary for us to speak to them because they are maybe shy. So, we need to do actively. Thanks.
Hello. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. Thank you for allowing me to read your post about Mr. M's lecture. I agree that in every lesson, there is a "Main Event," as my current teacher often says. And it is also important to praise the students. By the way, thanks for the tip. I can't wait for the chance to tell a student, "Wow! Your 'th pronunciation is as good as me!" And as for not saying "Please speak to me!" when introducing oneself...I don't know if I've ever heard anyone say that before. But I get the point. A little advice from me to trainees: try to limit the amount of small talk during classtime. Although extremely enjoyable, it can often take precious time away from the tasks at hand. But outside of class, no limit. Talk, talk, talk!

Thank you for your time. And do try your best with a smile! : )
Hello, steve jang. Thank you for your comment. I'm very glad get your advice. My practice teaching in an elementary school is coming soon. I'm very nervous about it. But I'm looking forward to it, and I want to try my best! I will remember your encourangement, especially "Talk, talk, talk!"
Thank you.
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