Thursday, June 08, 2006


My mind ☆ About my future...

Three years have passed since I entered this university, and I often think about my future recently.
At first, I thought that I will absolutely become a teacher at an elementary school, but this thought has gradually changed.
These days, I'm taking a lecture about education of kindergarten, and I go a kindergarten for the lecture. Through the lecture, I think that I want to be a teacher at a kindergarten. Although the mind is not sure yet, I feel that the teacher of a kindergarten is the most attractive job I have thought.
Now, I think about my future, and I also worry about my future.
What are you thinking about your futere?
What were you thinking when you were a university student.
Thank you.

One of the exciting things about the future is thinking about your options. You have many options and I think that is great.
I understand your feeling. I am worried by my future too. Anyway why don't you consider your future after teaching practice in summer?
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